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The FGHTR Fitness program was created from our World Class Affiliate in Alabama, Master Justin Scarsella with the vision to create a workout that provides members to live their healthiest lives. This program has been a part of our World Class school for about a year and a half and is the perfect class for someone who is interested in a cardiovascular focused kick boxing workout that offers physical and mental benefits without the commitment associated with Taekwondo colored belts and curriculum progression.

 Ask any of the current FGHTRs in our program and you’ll hear them rave about the whole FGHTR experience!! From the workout that provides incredible results to the supportive environment and energy that fuels each workout, there is so much to love about the FGHTR workout.

One of the most exciting aspects for our FGHTRs is the integration of our Impact Wrap system that pairs with each bag to track each FGHTRs score during their bag workout! The Impact Wrap sensors record a FGHTRs strike force and project that information onto our TV screens to track both the quantity and quality of your hits, the more precise your strikes, the harder you hit, the higher the score! This has become an incredibly motivating aspect to the training where FGHTRs get to challenge themselves to see real time improvements each FGHT and have benchmarks to look back!


Monday- 6 am and 11am

Wednesday- 6 am and 11am

Friday- 6 am and 11 am

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