What separates us from other schools?

Teaching Credentials

4th Degree Kukkiwon certified Black Belts.
Over a decade of professional teaching experience
Over 20 years of Martial Arts training.

Personalized Instruction

All classes are carefully detailed and tailored to fit our student’s different learning styles and abilities.
We guarantee that each class will be taught by one of the World Class Certified instructors!



We offer a flexible class schedule. We have a number of classes each week for you to choose from, specializing by belt and age range. You are able to commit to different classes each week based on your schedule.

Spacious & Modern Facility

We provide one of Oviedo’s largest and safest training facilities.
We provide a spacious and clean Olympic style-training mat that will allow for maximum comfort for you or your child’s training.
Our open concept facility accommodates multiple seating locations for parents and families to observe and be a part of their families training.


Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo is Oviedo’s elite family-owned martial arts studio for all ages. Our mission is to motivate, empower and inspire you to discover and tap into your highest potential. Our World Class program will equip students with confident self-defense and martial arts techniques as well as instill valuable life skills.



Call or Text: (407) 595-5448


980 Oviedo Blvd. Suite #1008, Oviedo, FL 32765