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Your visit here means you have been selected by one of our INCREDIBLE Taekwondo Students to join them in an action packed Taekwondo class!!!

We can’t wait to have you in for a chance to tour our school, meet our staff, and most importantly to take a Taekwondo class with your friend.

Classes will be held as follows:

10:00am- Self Defense 101

11:00am- Bring A Friend Class 1

12:00pm- Bring A Friend Class 2

**Stick around after your session for a special 5th Degree Master Level Black Belt Testing beginning at 1pm! You won’t want to miss this!**

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Look what others are saying about Master Roberts World Class Taekwondo!

My five year old has been attending class at the Oviedo locations for about two months. She loves it and so do my husband and I. We argue about who gets to take her to class. Master Roberts is a great teacher. She is positive, but also instills discipline. The facility is new and in a great location. I can’t recommend them enough!

~Tammy K.

Our daughter has been going to classes at Master Roberts for a few months now and loves it! The instructors are wonderfully supportive of all the students, patient no matter their skill level, and so positive. They are also amazing at providing parent education through their workshops and other fun events throughout the year. They do a great job at making the experience there not just about learning, but also about fun and family. We’re very happy with the progress our daughter’s made over such a short amount of time and look forward to seeing her continue to get stronger and more confident!

~Gripp Family

Our son has been a part of the Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo school since they opened in Nov. 2021. In that time, he has had the most knowledgeable and caring Masters and Instructors. They take the time to ensure their students learn the proper skills to succeed, working alongside the parents, through workshops and their mobile app, to keep the children motivated and practicing outside of the structured class time. They encourage teamwork so students can also help each other on their journey to a black belt. They are very involved with giving back to the community and we enjoy watching our son grow under their wings. Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo is not just a school, but a family.

~Mike D.

My family was new to Oviedo in November 20021 when we found Master Roberts. I was looking for a new Taekwondo school for my sons with certain qualities in mind. As a parent, Master Roberts has checked all of the boxes. The entire staff has a genuine interest in my children’s development not only in class, but outside of class as well. I have seen their skills improve and could not be happier with their progress. This is a true testiment to the Master Roberts team and their dedication to their students. As a former Taekwondo student of many years, I believe their class structure, curriculum and format is truly world class. Thank you Master Roberts team for the enormous positive impact you have had on my children and for helping me find my passion for Taekwondo again after being absent for so many years.

~Jared B.


Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo is Oviedo’s elite family-owned martial arts studio for all ages. Our mission is to motivate, empower and inspire you to discover and tap into your highest potential. Our World Class program will equip students with confident self-defense and martial arts techniques as well as instill valuable life skills.



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