Our Adult Martial Arts Program Fosters The Development Of Each Individuals Personalized Goals In A Supportive And Encouraging Atmosphere!

Are you in search of a fun and energetic whole-body workout? Have you been itching to learn self-defense techniques? Then, you have found a home at Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo. Our adult classes are the perfect combination of both. Whether you have a lot of martial arts experience or none at all, we know that you will benefit from this program.

How Oviedo’s Adult Martial Arts Will Benefit You? Read On!

When you are at the top of your game energetically, mentally, and physically, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. We are proud to serve you with just that; high energy classes that allow you to stimulate your body and mind in new ways. Our approach is simple, through the teachings of Taekwondo, we will set you up to learn and understand the basics of striking and self-defense. Our instructors use a hands-on approach that will help any skill level break a sweat while learning the fundamentals.

Come in and experience:

  • A whole-body workout to strengthen and condition your muscles
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Effective self-defense skills for a variety of situations
  • Professional Taekwondo techniques
  • Enhanced flexibility in your body

Let’s Not Forget The Mental Calm That Comes Through Martial Arts Training!

A perfect compliment to a physical workout is a mental workout! Carrying a growth mindset, not just on the mat, but in life can help us overcome challenging tasks and build stronger relationships. We want you to enjoy the success of learning something new and the confidence that achievement brings with it. Our curriculum is designed for you to unlock your flow state. This will allow you to have a deeper focus, understand new breathing techniques, and recognize the present moment, reducing stress in any situation.


The mental aspects that await you:

  • Stress management
  • Breathing control and a sense of centeredness
  • Confidence in yourself
  • A growth mindset in all aspects of training
  • A supportive and encouraging community


This Is The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For! Start Reaping The Benefits Today!

Ready to take your fitness, self-defense, and goal-setting to the next level? Then you have found the right place. Come in and find a community that is waiting to support you! If you’re ready to get in on the fun and explore all that Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo has to offer you, go ahead and share your information with us below!


Master Roberts’ World Class Taekwondo is Oviedo’s elite family-owned martial arts studio for all ages. Our mission is to motivate, empower and inspire you to discover and tap into your highest potential. Our World Class program will equip students with confident self-defense and martial arts techniques as well as instill valuable life skills.



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